Contracts, damages, lawsuits, advice on any dispute or issue.

Rights in rem, contract law, charges, property transfers, construction contracts and litigation, renters’ & tenants’ law.

Estate law, probate law, inheritance disputes, wills, trust funds, advisory services.

Damages, road traffic and other accident disputes.

Publication divorce process, family law, (child support, custody, etc.), adoptions etc.


Business registration, company set up, corporate set up, temporary management setup, legalisations of companies, share transfers, payment orders, mergers and acquisitions,  international transport law, commercial agreements, framework agreements with strategic investors, especially in relation to venture capital, offshore companies.

Patent and trademark registration (Greek and international) in Greece, international and EU trademark and patent registration, trademark protection, trademark infringement cases (temporary restriction orders and administration), copyright protection, intellectual property protection, patent protection (both for corporations and individuals), patent and design registration in Greece, the EU and internationally, competition law (Greek and EU), cartel and anti-trust litigation in Greece and the European Anti-trust and Competition Commission.


Depositions, defense against lawsuits, traffic accidents, misdemeanours, criminal offences, felonies, financial crimes, juvenile law.


Contracts for employees and consultancies, insurance law, Labour policy law, advice on the current Labour law framework, Board Member and CEO compensation, court representation and litigation on Labour Rights, Labour Insurance, Social Insurance Institute – Unified Insurance Fund for Employees and other public insurance entities.